THE  AMERICAN  BETH  DIN Rabbi Benyamin Yosef                                                                                   Av Beit Din It is with great difficulty that we must report the serious degeneration of the Beth Din of America and  their Jewish Court. They have strayed so far from Torah values for personal and financial gratification as  well as pandering to the Jewish feminist causes, to the point that it threatens the credibility of the Jewish  court system and questions the legitimacy of Rabbinic Orthodox leadership.  In our recent investigation, the Beth Din of America, specifically, Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann and Rabbi  Gedalia Dov Schwartz:  1) Failed to allow father his right as a ‘Nitva’ (Respondent/Defendant) to choose his Beth Din and/or then denounced his choice of Beth Din as being unacceptable. 2) Issued at least one Bogus Seruv as a way to publicly humiliate father who refused to subject himself to their arbitration panel, even though a ‘Nitva’ has a right to choose his own Beth Din. 3) Failed to condemn mother who proceeded in Civil Court against direct written orders of the Beth Din and then supported her even while she continued to litigate in Civil Court. 4) Supports mother even though mother litigated the GET in Civil Court with father on more than one occasion. The Rama rules that one who brings a case to Civil Court and does not prevail may not later insist on Beth Din adjudication. 5) Failure of the Beth Din of America to follow established guidelines and procedures along the parameters that halacha requires. The corruptive principles that these rabbis are applying, are under the guise of; "We need to free the  Agunot." This is a misguided statement as the Talmud that references the need to help Agunot is  referring to cases where it is virtually impossible for the woman to remarry because her husband is lost  at sea, or at battle etc. However in modern days, this is not the case. Many men wishing to give their  wives Gittin are simply requesting an honest Beth Din that will follow true Torah principles, and even  have deposited a GET at their Beth Din already; yet these corrupted rabbis will proclaim the woman to  be an Agunah because she has not been given the GET outright. It is as if she can litigate him in the  Civil Courts, take all his children, property, monies etc. and yet brazenly demand a GET with no shame  whatsoever. There are halachacally accepted remedies which are being skirted for mere convenience,  feminist pressure and/or financial gain.   There are numerous problems with the Beth Din of America. Most of their Judges are in trouble one way  or another, they cave in to feminist pressure by changing Halacha, and most recently they now will issue  a totally bogus seruv.   Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann, the Menahel of the Beth Din of America was summoned to the American  Beth Din. Three hazmanahs were sent. Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann did not respond in any manner. A  seruv was issued against him in July 2013.   Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz, the Av Beth Din of the Beth Din of America was summoned to the  American Beth Din. Three hazmanahs were sent to him. Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz did not respond  in any manner. A seruv was issued against him in August 2013.   The Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot in Brooklyn NY issued a Psak Din against the Beth Din of  America and condemned both Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz. Our Beth  Din agrees with the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot.   The Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot stated that Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann abused his role of  Menahel of the Beth Din of America by outright fabricating and exaggerating facts. Our Beth Din agrees with the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot. The Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot stated that both Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann and Rabbi Gedalia  Dov Schwartz issued a seruv on May 1, 2013 which is without merit, bogus, and is deemed NULL and  VOID. We agree with the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot.   Our seruv against Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz includes and declares  that all future decisions of Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz are to be  considered invalid. The conduct of Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann and Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz violates  Jewish Law, and they are to be treated in the manner specified by Rabbi Moshe Isserless (RAMA) in  Shulchan Aruch Chosen Mishpat 26: 1.  Any Beth Din that is being paid to write a bogus seruv or anything bogus must be publicly condemned.  We also encourage any prior litigants of the Beth Din of America to re-examine their decision(s). If you  need assistance, please contact us at or a reputable Beth Din.  Any Beth Din that purposely violates Halacha for reasons of profit motives or feminist influences should  be dissolved. Placing rules and procedures on your web site is a good thing, but that gives people a  false illusion believing that your Beth Din follows these rules.  I wish to thank the American Beth Din and the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot for getting involved in  this matter.   The American Beth Din Rabbi Benyamin Yosef                   AMERICAN BETH DIN INVESTIGATION After a six month long investigation which involved a mailing to everyone on the seruv list from ORA and The  Jewish Press; below are our preliminary findings of fact.     1) The Beth Din of America has issued more Seruvs than any other Beth Din. 2) In our opinion, The Beth Din of America is guided by feminist pressure and money over Halacha. 3) In our opinion, and the opinion of the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot in Brooklyn NY, the Beth Din of America is involved in issuing BOGUS seruv(s).  4)  In our opinion, and the opinion of the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot in Brooklyn NY, Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann has abused his role of Menahel.  5) The Prenuptial Agreement that the Beth Din of America wants all new couples to sign is blatantly against Halacha and is contradictory to the Ketubah. We do not  recommend this document to be signed. It has no basis in Halacha. 6) Both the Av Beth Din (Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz) and the Menahal (Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann) employed at the Beth Din of America have seruv(s) and/or Psak Din(s) against them. 7) Due to #6 above, all further seruvs or Halachak decisions by either Schwartz or Weissmann are null and void. 8) Due to #6 above, nobody should use the Beth Din of America while either Schwartz and Weissmann are involved there or risk their decision being mevatel (voided).  9) ORA and The Beth Din of America are connected and ORA appears to be the bully for The Beth Din of America. A true Beth Din has no need for a bully. 10) The coercion and bullying that ORA is guilty of, will soon create a population of mamzarim (illegitimate children). The Beth Din of America is an accessory to this  action. We wish to thank everyone who wrote to us and we will respond to every email. If you are involved or are planning to get involved with The Beth Din of America or ORA we strongly suggest you contact us or a reputable Beth Din. If you go to the ORA website, you will see most of the Beth Din of America judges giving their endorsement. As a matter of fact, Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz even wrote a personal letter endorsing ORA and their work. The American Beth Din Rabbi Benyamin Yosef A valid SERUV (rabbinical contempt degree) may be issued only by a reputable and KOSHER rabbinic court, and only under certain specific circumstances. PASUL SERUVIM (bogus contempts) are being issued and exploited on a frequent basis to justify the harassment and abuse of various decent Jewish men. An unsuspecting Jewish public is not aware of the extent of the PASUL SERUV abuses. The Jewish Press and the ORA organization have  publicized a number of PASUL SERUVIM in an attempt to grant legitimacy to public campaigns against certain Jewish husbands who are allegedly in violation of Jewish law. We have first hand knowledge that the Beth Din of America is involved with issuing PASUL SERUVIM. We believe that in many cases women being assisted by ORA and the Beth Din of America are utilizing non- Jewish courts in violation of HALACHA. Many of these women are or have engaged in vicious MESIRAH against their husbands, one of the most serious AVEIROS in HALACHA, for which a Jew loses their OLAM HABAH. These women and their supporters seem to figure – Why bother to appear before a BAIS DIN if we can obtain a bogus SEIRUV and scream AGUNAH? Even the prenuptial of the Beth Din of America requires the use of civil court for enforcement. There is certainly an increasing number of Jewish women attempting to dance at two CHASUNAS at the same time – by litigating in secular courts to get a better deal (K’NEGED HALACHA) and then attempting to utilize BAIS DIN only to obtain their GET afterwards. This unfortunately has been allowed in too many cases by spineless BATEI DIN who either due to profit motives or feminist influences take a very benign docile attitude in insisting that these women immediately withdraw from secular courts, stop the terrible transgression of MESIRAH, and cease denied parenting time for father or creating phony orders of protection. If a woman proceeds in civil court against the orders of Beth Din, she is required to make amends by reimbursing the man for ALL expenses she caused him. Every Beth Din needs to start enforcing this. For quite some time, on the home page of ORA’s web site, it stated that “An agunah is a woman whose husband refuses to grant her a Jewish divorce upon request.” We believe this statement exposes the anti- Torah approach of ORA and its rabbis, even if the statement has since been removed from the ORA website. There is no halachic source which can validate this claim. This also goes to show that the rabbis who give their support to ORA have no real knowledge of what an Agunah really is. A woman who forces her husband to give a GET with threats, such as if she has people approach the husband with threats to his physical person, money or other sensitive areas, or reputation, may have destroyed her GET, because a GET must be done willingly. Women who begin divorce proceedings with a threat from their tough lawyer may have ruined themselves and their generations. The New York State GET Law is a “mamzer” factory. We must be very careful when dating to inquire where a divorcee got her GET. We must then find out if the husband gave it willingly, or if the woman forced him in court, or pressured him against his will in a manner unacceptable in Jewish law. ORA claims to have forced 170 men to divorce their wives. ORA Is A Gilui Arayos Factory; A Mamzer Factory.” Anyone who marries a divorcee coming form ORA or The Beth Din of America needs to really examine if the GET was Kosher. High probability it was not. What kind of Torah Jew would join with ORA, the mamzer factory, to force a GET? And yet in the Torah world of today, there are numerous Roshei Yeshivos and Rabbonim who are working together with ORA and doing questionable things to pressure a husband to give a GET. Can any man expect a fair hearing at a Beth Din where the rabbis agree with the methodology of ORA? 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